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At Croq’Midi, we believe lunch breaks are for relaxing, not for standing in line. That’s why we’ll bring you a healthy, fresh, and delicious lunch from France: the land of the sacred lunch break.

About Croq'Midi

Hello! I’m Jean-Marc Palmeri, and I’ve worked in the food industry since 1973, when I was first apprenticed to become a chef. Since then, I’ve owned a restaurant in the south of France, worked as a cruise ship chef, and owned a night jazz club for about 16 years.

In 2006, we moved to Reunion Island and opened a wine shop, as well as 2 other stores around the island. We sold these when we moved to New Zealand in 2013, where we owned a French café on the North Shore for 3 and a half years.

I now live on the edge of Devonport, in Belmont, with my wife Anne-Constance, and my kids: Duilio (19), Sandro (18), Sianna (14), and our cat, Lily.


My son Duilio and I started Croq’Midi because we learned there was a lunch problem on the North Shore. When you work on the North Shore and it’s your lunch break, by the time you leave your desk, go down the elevator, cross the road to the closest takeaways, wait in line, get your food and return to the office, you’ve used up all your lunch break, and have to eat at your desk. Talking to North Shore professionals, we found that many don’t even eat lunch- it just wasn’t worth the effort.

Croq’ Midi is a way for you to order a healthy, affordable lunch online, and delivered to your office. No more packing lunch, no more messy ad-hoc sandwich preparations in the breakroom, and no more wasting your entire lunch break going to and from a restaurant for a sub-par meal.


We chose the name Croq’ Midi because in French “croque” means taking a bite, and “midi” means midday. It made sense to call it Croq’Midi: we want you taking a bite out of your sandwich, not a bite out of your break time.

Our sandwiches are made on the day you order your lunch. The baguette comes fresh out of the oven and is topped with carefully picked, fresh, quality ingredients, sauces, and dressings: all homemade to make your sandwich the best sandwich.

It’s an easy and simple way to have a tasty midday meal without getting out of your chair.

The sandwiches are delivered all around Takapuna, Milford, and Devonport.


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